Garret Tattoo Shop Long Island

Garret Ostrowski


My name is Garrett Ostrowski and I am a professional tattoo artist. I started tattooing in Waynesville N.C. In the late 80’s, but my career officially started in 1991 in Jensen Beach Florida at Sand Piper Tattoo. Later I came to Long Island for the first time in 1993 to work at Tattoo Lous. Later returning to Florida in ‘98. Miami and Fort Lauderdale and then returning again to Long Island in 2001. Worked at Cliffs 2002-2007 then opened my own shop in 2008 only to close and go to San Diego Ca. in 2011. And now we return to Long Island for the 5th time to work with Authentic Arts. Theres just no place like long island. Tattooing has been and always will be my life. In search of techniques and trade secrets. I’ve had the honor of working alongside some great tattooers. My styles range from traditional, bio mechanical, reproduction, cover ups, black and gray, color, or just good tattoos. I use all traditional tattooing equipment and tools to preserve the experience I’ve always loved. Its been a long crazy road but I’m glad you’ve come to be a part of it. Thank you!