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Jay Schnettler


Tattooing has been a love of mine since before I have been getting tattooed. I have always been drawing and painting since I was a kid; drawing in notebooks, text books, sketch books, walls, desks and anything. I never thought that I could begin such an exciting career using art until I first started getting tattooed. I met Thomas in 2011/2012 and that is when I started to apprentice under him and he taught me not only how to tattoo, but the history and unwritten laws of tattooing, which is where my style of tattooing comes from today; traditional. I have now finished my apprenticeship and still continue to push harder everyday and learn new techniques to help me along the way. I mostly tattoo an old school traditional style, but also love to do an array of sacred geometry involving pointillism and mandalas. My goal for each day I am tattooing is to give my clients exactly what they came in for, in a clean, neat, and solid way.