Thomas Simonetti

Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Use a Saline Wound wash 2-3 times a day using a q-tip around the piercing front and back .

  • Avoid cleaning with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Dial® or other soaps no bactine.
  • Don’t twist it don’t turn it don’t play with it. The less you touch it the better it will heal.
  • Keep makeup and soap away from piercing . Clean after you get out of the shower.
  • Don’t submerge underwater . (pool , ocean , baths etc )

Oral Piercings

  • Use a alcohol free mouthwash . After you eat drink and smoke . Avoid spicy food as well as staying away from dairy products for the first 3 days ex ( ice cream , yogurt, cottage cheese )

What to expect during your healing process

  • Some swelling as well as bleeding tenderness and bruising
  • Itching some secretion of a whitish yellow fluid . It will also start to crust around the piercing making it tight . DON’T pick at the crust . After this healing process which can happen 2 weeks or a month after your piercing .
  • IT is not ready to be changed even tho it may appear to be healed. The healing process starts from the outside in . Leaving the piercing in longer will help the healing process.